Our Products

Sourced through the ECHO clothing closet, all of our raw materials are donated and repurposed on site by artisans with the help of dedicated volunteers. We love to exercise creative methods in order to bring something unexpected to its full potential. Check out our creations!


Original Tie Bags

Our original, handmade Tie-Bags are all completed with a -

  • Deconstructed men's suit coat

  • A complimentary lining, that can vary between upcycled jeans, curtains, dresses and so much more!

  • A polyester vintage tie.

All of our Tie-Bags are 11" wide by 10" long, and the length of the tie "cross body" strap can vary between 22" and 25".

Each Tie-bag has a large front pocket to hold your keys, cell phone and other essentials and plenty of internal storage space.

Leather Wrist Cuffs

Our hand-stamped Leather Wrist Cuffs serve as reminders of your personal values, keeping them in sight and in mind by simply glancing at your wrist. They are all sourced from -

  • 100% genuine leather belts

  • Repurposed metal from sterling silver serving trays, copper sugar jars, stainless steel ice buckets and more

Our cuffs are cut to small, medium and large sizes measuring at 8", 9" and 10+", respectively.

Cuffs are our most widely customizable pieces, allowing you to craft the band color, metal color, size and stamped saying.

You can access our custom order form here

Leather cuffs.jpg


Zipper Bags

Our Zipper Bags are commonly used as cosmetic bags, purse organizers, and storage accessories for a night on the town. They are created from -

  • Any rescued fabric we may receive at ECHO that share a common design element

    • The photo to your left was sourced from a purple suit coat, silk kimono and plaid skirt!

  • Recycled jewelry

Zipper bags come in two sizes - Large at 7" x 8" (limited supply) and mini 6" x 7". 


Leather Totes

Our Leather Totes are directly resourced from -

  • Recycled leather jackets and coats

  • A complimentary lining that can vary between upcycled blouses, curtains, dresses and so much more!

Leather tote