Our Story

ECHO Handmade is the social enterprise of the Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) that produces one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted goods to directly combat hunger in Eastern Hillsborough county. Through our clothing donation closet, we repurpose materials that we cannot use for our clients like suit coats, leather jackets and spoons and upcycle them into truly unique handcrafted accessories. Our social enterprise also functions as ECHO’s fifth back-to-work program, employing graduates of our stability classes and offering them new skills, a work history and professional references.

Environmental stewardship serves as a core value at ECHO Handmade. Through conscious recycling efforts, we have saved hundreds of pounds of clothing from suffocating landfills or overcrowding salvage bins.

100% of our proceeds go to fight hunger in Hillsborough county by directly funding ECHO's food pantry and community development efforts. We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support offered to us by the city of Tampa Bay.


Getting our Neighbors Back to Work

ECHO Handmade serves the Hillsborough community as a 6-18 month back-to-work program, offering references, professional skills and most importantly, a livable wage to our neighbors in need.

Artisans are graduates of ECHO's job placement and financial literacy classes who may still experience trouble securing stable employment or affordable housing. We seek out those participants and teach them a new trade, leather stamping or sewing, to take with them as they are empowered to seek permanent employment.

One of the staples of this social venture is offering our artisans a living wage, 25% of retail value for each piece they create, to ensure their road to stability is not tampered down by financial stressors. This monetary springboard, as well as a documented work history and professional references, ensure artisans are equipped to compete in the ever expanding job market.